Life long Cooling Towers

CASE is manufacturing Cooling towers more than two decades and there has not been a single industry in India where these Cooling Towers are not installed. CASE Cooling Towers come with the latest state of art rectangular shape FRP body with stainless steel anti corrosive Interiors for life long &efficient performance.

CASE RT Series Cooling Tower

This RT series consists of cooling towers, which are square / rectangular in shape. The series is specially designed for high water flow rates because of its multi cell feature.

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CASE RD Series Cooling Tower

This feature enables them to be easily and economically transported and can be effortlessly installed on high-rise buildings and in other inaccessible areas.

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CASE SQ Series Cooling Tower

CASE SQ Series Cooling Tower This is a contractor's delight!! No nuts & bolts. Minimum usage of steel. The SQ series cooling tower is designed keeping in mind the small applications of the Cooling Tower.

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Concrete Cooling Tower

Concrete Cooling Tower These Cooling Towers are permanent structures in the industry and find a place where the water requirement is of very high capacities for e.g. in huge fertilizer plants, power plants etc.

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Wooden Cooling Towers

Wooden Cooling Towers Also, known as Timber Cooling Tower, this type of cooling device is constructed with chemically treated wood. The wood structure tower is designed with counter/cross flow design....

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