The Pyrolysis Edge

CASE introduces Pyrolysis Clean Gas Technology in India. This patented technology of our Chinese partners is a boon for the industry. Though being lower in CAPEX & OPEX,it has huge advantages over any other variants of Gasification technologies availabel in the world today.

The Pyrolysis Technology is available in two variants:

Pyrolysis Clean Gas Layout

Pyrolysis Very Clean Gas Layout

The difference between the two variants is that in the Ultra Clean Gas Technology there is the availabilty of an added Indirect Cooler which ensures the extraction of Phenol Water from the Gas & the presence of an added Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) which further ensures the ultra clean quality of gas. The selection of the two is directly related to the kind of application of the Gas.

The ?Edge? Factor

? Compared with single-stage gasifier and double-stage gasifier, it is characterized by high gas heat value, high heat efficiency and tar recovery. In other words the Calorific Value of the gas generated from the Pyrolysis Technology is Higher than any other variants of gasifiers.
? The gas comes out from one outlet so the quality of gas and its calorific value is always constant unlike the double stage where gas comes out from two outlets and maintaining the ratios of upper gas and lower gas are just impossible.
? Since gas comes out from one point and the purifying equipments are in line for single gas outlet, the operation is much easier & simpler and the CAPEX is also low.
? Higher Efficiency owing to the technology as all the gas generated is made to pass through the gasifier upwards and through the complete coal section. The Gas gives its sensible heat to the process of Gasification, Pyrolysis, Drying and comes out at 100-1500C unlike Double stage Gasifier where the lower gas comes out at 450-5000C which is cooled down and looses its sensible heat in turn affecting the efficiency of the system.
? All types of coals can be used. Bituminous coal and lignite coal can be used as the raw material for gasification.
? Coal is carbonized at low temperature in pyrolysis section and tar thus produced is of low viscosity with high fluidity.
? On account of the low viscosity and high fluidity of Tar, the chances of tar being clogged in the duct before the Purifying equipments does not exist.
? Fully automatic PLC controlled system adds to ease of Operation and lower OPEX.

Major Applications

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