Gasification is the process of extracting maximum amount of energy from combustible materials like coal, biomass and other carbonaceous materials through heating in an environment of controlled oxygen. The insufficient supply of oxygen allows the material to combust, thereby, producing quality producer gas. However, in order to extract more usable producer gas, the carbonaceous material should contain moisture content in it or artificial steam should be supplied from outside. These days, coal usage has become widespread among manufacturing industries worldwide. The availability of coal reserves is much higher as compared to oil and gas reserves, which is the major reason behind the increasing use of coal gasification technology. Moreover, the increasing price of petroleum product like diesel, furnace oil, kerosene etc. has made coal-firing as primary choice, a relatively less expensive carbon-containing material. CASE Group understands coal as an excellent material to compete against other fuels more effectively. Therefore, the company offers state-of-art gasification technologies which are more environment-friendly and efficient for a number of industrial applications.

CASE coal gasifier carbonaceous material undergoes four processes:

CASE introduces Pyrolysis Clean Gas Technology in India. This patented technology of our Chinese partners is a boon for the industry. Though being lower in CAPEX & OPEX, it has huge advantages over any other variants of Gasification technologies available in the world today.


Pyrolysis Hot Clean Gas Layout

Pyrolysis Clean Cold Gas Layout

Pyrolysis Very Clean Cold Gas Layout

The difference between the three variants is that in case of Pyrolysis Hot Clean Gas Station Indirect Cooler is not used and gas is available at 150 ℃ . In Case of Pyrolysis Clean Cold Gas Station Indirect Cooler is installed after the Electrostatic Precipitator bringing down the temperature of gas upto 40 ℃. In Case user requirement is of Very Clean Cold Gas Station additional ESP is installed after the Indirect Cooler to further reduce tar and dust level below 25ppm. All the above three variants gas can be pressurized to any pressure as per user requirement.

Zero Liquid Discharge Technology


  1. Single Gas Outlet. Gas Composition Does Not Fluctuate- Consistent Gas.

  2. All Purifying Equipments Are in Series- Low On CAPEX.

  3. Less Purifying Equipments With Simple Schematics Low On OPEX.

  4. Higher Purity of Gas as All Purifying Equipments Are in Series.

  5. Higher Gas Thermal Value.

  6. Usage of Gas Sensible Heat to Preheat the Incoming Coal.

  7. Higher Level of Pyrolysis ? Higher Conversion of Volatile Matter of Coal to CnHm.

  8. Suitable for Very Critical Heating Curves ?2 ℃ Variations.

  9. No Refractory Used in Gasifier. Thus, Frequent Cleaning Not Required.

  10. 100% Recirculation of Water Condensate ? Zero Liquid Discharge Technology.

  11. Tar & Water Does Not Mix at Any Point as They Come Out from Different Discharge Points of Gasification Progress.

  12. Tar Fluidity Is Very Good. This Enables Tar to Be Pumped for Any Utility or Outside Sale.

  13. Gasifier Is in Line with Environment Protection Agencies CPCB, SPCB & MOEF & CC.

Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

Coal Consumption & Maximum Gas Flow depends on the quality of Coal. Outlet pressure can be as per user requirements.

    Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Pyrolysis Ultra Clean Gas Station at Insulators & Electricals Company, Bhopal PYROLYSIS ULTRA CLEAN GAS STATION AT INSULATORS & ELECTRICALS COMPANY, BHOPAL

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

  • Images of Cold Coal Gasifier

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