Wooden Cooling Towers

Also, known as Timber Cooling Tower, this type of cooling device is constructed with chemically treated wood. The wood structure tower is designed with counter/cross flow design, suitable for industrial use in steel mills, Petrochemical mills etc. The product popularity lies in its long life and rugged design.

Wooden Cooling Tower Manufacturer in India

CASE Group is a reputed manufacturer of wooden cooling towers of personalized designs and specifications. With having over 20 years of experience in HAVC industry, the company provides complete cooling solutions including compact design and installation service on site.

Timber Cooling Tower Design:

Wooden Cooling Towers come in both Counter Flow and Cross Flow Design with options of wooden splash bars, PVC, V bars, C bars fill media complete designed as per client and application requirements.


Timber Cooling Towers manufactured by CASE are highly durable and can withstand corrosive atmospheric condition. A tower is designed for high water flow-rates beginning from 1000 M3/Hr and above.

Wooden Cooling Tower Application:

This type of cooling tower is generally used in Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Sugar Plants, Ferro-Alloy plants, cement plants etc.

General Assembly Drawing

    Wooden Cooling Towers Images

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