Rotary Kiln Gas Station

India is largest producer of Sponge Iron in the world. Most of this production comes from secondary steel industry using rotary kiln process. The design was initially introduced by Germany but later has been almost completely altered by Indian consultants and technology providers. According to the recent operations of Rotary Kiln approximately 40% - 60% of the coal is fired from the outlet side from 0mm onwards as coal injection.

CASE in its endeavor to provide gasifier technologies, introduces the replacement of coal fines used in Rotary Kiln to coal gas. This gas not only replaces the coal fines but also results in overall saving of roughly 20% of total coal used. This technology have given new life to Sponge Iron plant as this process is now viable with roughly 20MT of coal saving for 100 TPD Plant in a day.

This CASE gasifier is totally PLC controlled automatic machine. CASE also provides consultancy and engineering for alteration/ change of central burner pipe and other parameters required for successful implementation of project.

Apart from the direct money saver this technology also has advantages in following parameters:-

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