Crude Coal Gas Station

Gasifier works on the principle of partial combustion of coal thus producing primarily Carbon Mono Oxide called Producer Gas.

Our Gasifiers come in totally knocked down condition from our Chinese Partners in China. Our Chinese Partners stand full guarantee for design, manufacturing and performance of our equipment along with us.

"We are proud to make a bold statement here that you are free to contact any of our existing clients for the authenticity of our statements above. We will be very eager to supply you our client list with complete details on hearing from you".

CASE believes on 'Working for a Safe and Cleaner Tomorrow'.

We have successfully installed over 200 Gasifiers in steel industry, the application being majorly for Reheating Furnaces for Rolling Mills. We have successfully replaced fuels previously used like Furnace Oil, Pulverised Coal, Direct Fed Coal, Propane etc.

We are proud to state CASE Gasifier is only gasifier which is able to replace 100% Furnace oil for stainless Steel billet heating application. It is also checked and proven that there is no alternation in the composition of stainless steel in the heating process by our technology. CASE gasification technology is the first to prove this successfully at Shivam Iron & steel Ltd., Girdih, Jharkhand.

Our above claims would not have been possible without special technology and performance of our equipment. There is a lot of difference between the technology offered by CASE Group and other suppliers from India and China. Some of the salient features of our Coal Gasifiers are as follows:

In the current critical market condition when price of crude oil is increasing at an alarming rate, it's important to take a wise decision to use our own resources, thus saving a lot of money on the reheating part. One could even consider it as an opening a savings account. With many already taking the initiative, its high time you join in too.

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