DRI Tunnel Kiln

DRI(Direct Reducted Iron) Tunnel Kiln was commissioned on 24 November 2011. CASE gave this technology to India and this was also first of its kind in India. The process has been established now after earlier hiccups. The process of Tunnel Kiln uses fines of Iron ore and Coal which are mixed together in specified propotions to eventually make DRI having quality grades of 90% plus metallization.

The Technology

Iron Ore Fines and Coal Fines mixed together are loaded into SiC (Silicon Carbide) beakers which are then loaded onto the cars. The cars are made to pass through the Tunnel kiln. The material goes through a series of Chemical Changes owing to the temeperature and pressures of the kiln. The oxides of iron are reduced to iron as per the above reactions.

The Process Layout

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