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Gasification is the process of extracting maximum amount of energy from combustible materials like coal, biomass and other carbonaceous materials through heating in an environment of controlled oxygen. The insufficient supply of oxygen allows the material to combust, thereby, producing quality producer gas. However, in order to extract more usable producer gas, the carbonaceous material should contain moisture content in it or artificial steam should be supplied from outside.

These days, coal usage has become widespread among manufacturing industries worldwide. The availability of coal reserves is much higher as compared to oil and gas reserves, which is the major reason behind the increasing use of coal gasification technology. Moreover, the increasing price of petroleum product like diesel, furnace oil, kerosene etc has made coal-firing as primary choice, a relatively less expensive carbon-containing material.

CASE Group understands coal as an excellent material to compete against other fuels more effectively. Therefore, the company offers state-of-art gasification technologies which are more environment-friendly and efficient for a number of industrial applications.

CASE Coal Gasification Process

CASE coal gasifier carbonaceous material undergoes four processes:

Hot Gas Station

Crude Gas Station

We have successfully installed over 200 Gasifiers in steel industry, the application being majorly for Reheating Furnaces for Rolling Mills.

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DRI Rotary Kiln

CASE in its endeavor to provide gasifier technologies, introduces the replacement of coal fines used in Rotary Kiln to coal gas.

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Miscellaneous Gasifier

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Cold Gas Station

Pyrolysis Clean Gas Station

CASE SQ Series Cooling Tower Pyrolysis Clean Gasifier works on the principle of partial combustion of coal thus producing primarily Carbon Mono Oxide called Producer Gas and further cleaning of gas.

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Double Stage Gas Station

Concrete Cooling Tower As the name suggests…. in this type of gasification technology there are two levels of gasification taking place. The first is the lower level gasification, which is that of Carbon in the coal...

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