Iron Ore Benefeciation

CASE provides end to end solutions for the Iron Ore Benefeciation industry. Beneficiation is a variety of processes whereby extracted ore from mining is reduced to particles that can be separated into mineral and waste, the former suitable for further processing or direct use.

Our process design is a combination of both wet and dry Beneficiation Lines where harmful toxic chemicals are not used within the system and therefore there is no water pollution in such kind of system. Thus eliminating the need of pollution control equipments which add to the over all CAPEX of the project.There is no effluent let out from iron ore beneficiation plant. Water from the tailings is also reclaimed and reused in the process from the designed tail tanks. The process water is continuously recycled and overflow from the tailing pond which is then brought to the plant for reuse. The tail ponds is designed in such a way that it has continual life and all material in the pond be reused. Overflowing water will be used in process. Once the tail tanks are full of tail they are emptied by loaders and the tail is taken to brick plant for making bricks.

The major equipments in the plant are:-

In addition to the main equipment, we also provide detail engineering and designs for:

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