Scale Ban is an innovative concept in the field of hard water scale problems. It comes in the form of a pipe and can be easily installed in the present cooling water circuit.
This On-Line equipment does not require any energy for operation. It requires no regeneration or maintenance, resulting in Zero equipment down time and Zero equipment deterioration.
Principle: Scale Ban makes the use of flow and chemical characteristics of water and precipitates out hardness causing salts of very small size as the water flows through Scale Ban. These salts are suspended in water because of being light in weight and the turbulent flow. Thus, once Precipitation of hardness causing salts have taken place, further precipitation because of temperature variation is not possible.

Advantages of Using Scale Ban :

Common Applications

AC Plants, Chilling Plants, Generators, Induction Furnace, Bottle Washers, Heat Exchangers, Compressors etc.

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